Intradermal injection for immunotherapy, vaccination and aesthetics.

Maximise the benefit of the intradermal administration route for your drug product, like a vaccin, cancer, diabetes or allergy treatments.
Jeroen Wissink

U-Needle is an ISO 13485 certified medical device company developing and manufacturing intradermal injection and infusion devices, founded in 2008.  Intradermal administration provides large benefits in vaccination (therapeutic and prophylactic)  due to the abundant presence of antigen-presenting cells in the skin. In addition iit is widely used to administer fillers in the field of aesthetics. U-Needles patent protected technology enables devices that are reliable, patient-friendly, easy-to-use and economically attractive, while the standard of care intradermal injection method is difficult to learn and prone to error and competitor alternatives are complex and costly. U-Needle serves a worldwide customer base. U-Needles first product is the Bella-mu intradermic needle. It is a 1.4 or 1.8mm long 31G intradermic needle that can be connected to a standard luer-lock syringe. With Bella-mu, intradermal injections can be performed by perpendicular injection in the skin. It is approved for the EU and US market. For clinical supply of Bella-mu a fully validated manufacturing line is available. U-Needle recently secured funding for scaling-up its manufacturing capacity beyond 5M needles/year by 2022.



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  • T: +31 (0)53 489 2323
  • info@hightechfund.nl

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